09 – Social Media Flings

Recently, YouTube creator Casey Neistat, released a video about social media, friendships, and intimacy. We decided to share our opinion on the topic. How has social media changed the way we interact with people? What if you couldn’t just walk away from Facebook or Twitter? Casey Neistat “Not Getting Any… A Discussion” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX9OLMNShPQ

08 – Awkward Situations

Have you ever found yourself in a weird situation or maybe you over-prepared for an event, only to be even more self-conscious? That’s what we’re talking about this week, as well as tackling our question of the week regarding just how long you should live with your parents after tying the knot!

05 – Ex? Why?

This episode was from the first edition of Because We Said in 2014. In this episode: We talk about past relationships and how we handle them Dave has ‘Nam flashbacks as he recounts a recent an encounter with his ex-girlfriend Question of the week:   Links from this episode: Join our Facebook Group and hang … Continue reading 05 – Ex? Why?